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    This is the Puffle Warriors of CP, also abbreviated to "PW". We were created on the 20th February, 2010 and have gone through nine generations (some of which being very successful and includes us reaching 8th on the CPAC top ten). We were created by Kingfunks4 and now he is back to lead with Super, Maria, Rishron and Lord Allen and get the 11th generation to rise into the top ten and dominate CP armies. Joining is very fun, you get to meet new people and you won't be bored by Disney changing CP again! Go to the Join page and answer the questions in comment to Join!

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[Most of it writen by Floppy, PW’s Second Leader]

Generation One: At this point in time, we barely knew what to do what to do with the army. We started invading a few servers after long hours of recruiting. We also managed to make a few trustworthy allies along the way, and soon enough, we were well known among all these small armies. We had even achieved a few honorable spots in the Small Top Ten. Just as we had thought everything was working perfectly, Funks made the decision of merging PW into Team Red lead by Sammy Cannon. Funks seemed to be the only one who liked this army, and many troops had quit when they heard the news. I had decided that something must be done, and with that, I created…

Generation Two: Jjribcool, a former PW owner, had agreed to lead this new generation alongside me. This turned out to be just about the l0ngest, worst, yet still the second best era the Puffle Warriors had ever had. Along with me and JJ, many others from the first generation decided PW was too good give up, and joined. It wasn’t too long into G2 that Funks had realized how well we were doing, and then decided to join (such as Blossom, today a PW HOF’er). When I only gave him 2ic, tensions rose. As he was still admin, he overthrew me, and once again took leadership over PW. JJ was fine with it, but I obviously wasn’t. Eventually we had all met up on chat one day. Here we worked out our differences an came to the conclusion of all three having equal power as leaders, and peace was restored. Generation 2 lead to many other fights, a lot of which JJ overthrew me. This was also the generation in which we battled the Roman Fire Warriors at the Legends Cup, and got an un-expected but amazing turnout of 15+. At the time, this was a record set for most people on chat as well as on CP. A few months after, though, things seemed to be going downhill. As the way most generations ended, PW was shut down from in-activeness.

Generation 3: This was once again leaded by Funks, JJ, and me. There wasn’t much achieved in this generation, but there was one significant landmark that made it one to remember. Funks had made the decision of invading UMA, which at the time, was about our size. This was a huge mistake, as UMA retaliated and brought RPF into this “war.” After the rivalry had raged on long enough, it was clear to everyone that even though Funks started this, they despised everyone else for simply being in the same army. We created the idea of creating SPW- the Secret Puffle Warriors. This would be a secret (obviously) organization unknown to Funks. Nothing went as planned though, and it died within a matter of 3 days when Funk had followed me to our chat. He found out about everything we had planned out and was furious- he quit PW as well as Blossom and a few others. This was a depressing time for all of us, but Funks and Blossom later on decided to create their own army known as the Thunder Warriors. TW did well for the time being, but it ended soon enough when it was hacked. Everyone returned to PW.

Generation 5 &6: These two basically made no difference in our history, and were only failed attempts to reach sizes such as we did at the Legends Cup. Generation 5 was more successful, but still did not pull off much. Generation 6 was a time in which many people retired and were were very inactive.

Elite Knights: After PW had slowly faded away, I suggested making a new army. Funks thought up the name, and EK was born. We got sizes of 5-8 at events at first, but time dreaded on, and we became extremely inactive. After thinking it over, we went back home to PW, and boy, we made the best choice.

Generation 7: The best PW generation as we reached the CPAC Top ten. We reached sizes of 30 and got ourselves a CSS. This was led by myself and funks (Blossom became a third leader later on in the generation), and it turned into the best generation we could have thought of. Loads of former soldiers joined (Like former leaders Flame and Zakdude). Things were going great and it was simply amazing. However, one of the leaders Blossom made a S.W.A.T Soldier an admin, as he said he would give us a Domain and he ended up deleting our amazing site (pufflewarriors.wordpress.com). We couldn’t keep together and we went to one of the backup PW sites. We tried to get back together but moral was down and we knew we didn’t have our CSS. Most of the PW soldiers left the army and went to a chat called PlanD, as we had Plan A, B and C and they decided to make a new Plan. At the time, we thought PW had ended forever.

Generation 8: We were remade by our creator, Kingfunks4, and he asked for the help of former Leader Zakdude and former moderator Flames. We had hope in our mind and it looks good into the future.

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