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    This is the Puffle Warriors of CP, also abbreviated to "PW". We were created on the 20th February, 2010 and have gone through nine generations (some of which being very successful and includes us reaching 8th on the CPAC top ten). We were created by Kingfunks4 and now he is back to lead with Super, Maria, Rishron and Lord Allen and get the 11th generation to rise into the top ten and dominate CP armies. Joining is very fun, you get to meet new people and you won't be bored by Disney changing CP again! Go to the Join page and answer the questions in comment to Join!

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The DRPWCP(Democratic Republic of the Puffle Warriors of Club Penguin) is a democracy of public voting but we still have rules sorry 😦  

Creator/Supreme Advisor: Sir.Kingfunks4

The republic is divided into Allies and enemies servers and government

Allies and Enemies:

Allies: Acp



This is a list of all of our servers, which are owned by the Puffle Warriors. Our allies our allowed to enter these servers but are not to declare ownership of them without our permission. Our capital and co-capital our the most important servers and all soldiers are to defend these servers within little notice.

Capital = Cozy

Co-Capital = Rocky Road

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